June Birthstone Highlight: Pearl

Technically, those born in the month of June have three birthstones to pick from: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.

We especially love pearls!

Originating from oceans, lakes and rivers (both saltwater and freshwater) pearls are the formation of nacre around an irritant inside of an oyster or mussel. Natural pearls are usually formed around a grain of sand that has gotten inside the shell. Cultured pearls, which are the most commonly available pearls today, are grown by placing a small bead inside the mollusk. Cultured pearls come in a wide array of sizes and colors.

Pearls are associated with purity and innocence and are often given as wedding gifts. Ancient peoples believed pearls would bestow long life and prosperity to those who wore them.

Take good care of your pearl jewelry by storing them separately from other metal or gemstones to avoid scratching. Apply perfume, makeup, hair products and lotions before putting on your pearls so you don’t damage the surface. Clean pearls with a soft, damp cloth after each wear.

Here are a few pearl pieces of jewelry we currently have in our store.

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